Can You Take a Drug Test While on Your Period?

Drug testing is a common practice in many workplaces, schools, and sports organizations. It is often used to detect the presence of drugs of abuse in a person’s system. However, some people may wonder if their menstrual cycle can affect the results of a drug test. In this article, we will explore this topic and … Read more

Acne Scars Before and After, a Radiant Transformation

Acne scars are the unwelcome guests that show up uninvited and refuse to leave, much like that one distant relative you only see during holidays. But don’t worry, there’s hope! With advances in skincare and cosmetic treatments, getting rid of acne scars has never been easier. Just think, in a few short weeks you could … Read more

Warning Signs Your Period is Coming Tomorrow

Are you having mood swings, sensitivity, and a dull ache in your stomach recently? These symptoms, which are not uncommon in women, are typical warning signs that a woman’s period is approaching. (Signs Your Period is Coming Tomorrow). Periods, however, are subject to the laws of nature and can occur at any time. Serial Number … Read more

Sehat Card Hospital List Karachi | Sehat Sahulat Program Hospitals in Karachi

Pakistan Sehat Card provides free of cost Health Treatment services at some best hospitals in Karachi Pakistan. This page provide the contact details of all the hospitals providing free Health Card Treatment services in Karachi.  Our Hospital Blog contains the most recent medical news from around the Pakistan. You’ll also find articles on medical care … Read more

Sehat Card Hospitals List Peshawar

KPK is the first province in Pakistan to get Sehat Card back back in 2016 under the Govt of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf. Here we will give you the full list of hospitals in Peshawar which are offering free treatment under the Sehat Insaf Card. Peshawar is the largest and most populated city in KP province … Read more

PMVC affiliated institutes and Universities

The PVMC is an autonomous and self-financing body established in the year 1970 as an apex organization responsible for providing education to veterinarians, medical practitioners and animal technicians in Pakistan. The PVMC is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan. PVMC is the apex national veterinary authority in Pakistan and is … Read more